Dog Liability

Dog Liability


If you are a dog owner, or are in control of a dog, you are responsible for the dogs actions. If the dog where to injure a person or another dog, or damage someones property, even if it runs out in to a busy road and causes an accident, you may be liable for the cost of damages.

Control of your Dog

As a dog owner you should make sure you have full control of your dog at all times. A dog would be classed as out of control if it injures a person or if the dog behanves in such a way that a person is worried that your dog may injure them.

The law applies to anywhere the general public is allowed to go and also anywhere your dog goes where it isnt supposed to go. The maximum penalty for allowing a dog you own or you are in charge of, to be dangerously out of control is two years imprisonment, or a fine, or both.

Public Liability Insurance

It is advisable to take out some form of Public Liability Insurance so that you are protected. Most popular pet insurance companies do include Public Liability Cover which will cover any costs up to the value of £1 Million and above on some insurance policies. It is always a very good idea to check the small print when comparing pet insurance policies to make sure they include public liability insurance cover.